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2020 Gift Guide: Gifts for Animal Lovers

2020 Gift Guide: Gifts for Animal Lovers

<h1>2020 Gift Guide: Gifts for Animal Lovers</h1>

Here come the holidays. This festive time of year brings the annual stress of finding interesting gifts for your family and friends. You don’t want to be known as the family member who always gives uninspiring presents. If you landed on this site, you most likely love animals or know someone who does. So this year, instead of struggling for present ideas, use this guide. We sourced some creative and dazzling gits for the animal lovers in your life.

<h2>Ten gifts for animal lovers</h2>

The perfect personalization. 

Admittedly, we are a bit biased when it comes to gifts for animal lovers. It’s what we do and what we do well. We have something for everyone.

Think about the person on your list. Do they love to drink coffee or tea all day? Is your loved one a fan of snuggling on the couch or passionate about unique decor? We’ve got you covered with customizable mugs, blankets, and pillows. Put animals or people and animals on the item. You decide what your friend or family member would like best, and we create it for you. The process is simple and the gift is thoughtful. A complete win-win for the season of giving.

Say cheese! 

Every animal lover we know has a phone-full of pet pictures. Take those pics to the next level with a professional photo session. Gift the animal lover you know with some photographer time. You’ll need to do a little bit of research first. Do an Internet search for “professional pet photos” and the city name of your gift recipient. Then look at the photographer’s social media accounts and portfolio to get a feel for their work. If you like the vibe, inquire about a gift card. Most photographers make it easy to purchase a package ahead of time. 

Keep ‘em dry. 

Do you have a friend who loves a specific dog breed? Maybe they strictly adore Corgis or English Bulldogs. If this person is on your list, then check out this gift: a breed-specific umbrella. Find an umbrella that fits with your friend’s passion. Then, whenever your buddy goes for a walk (with our without their pup!) they can bring along the umbrella that reminds them of their favorite furry friend. The price point is low enough that you can purchase this for a gift exchange at work or for a secret Santa. 

An activity a day keeps the doctor away.

For a friend that loves to be active with their dog, try a toy that will allow them to spend more time together getting fit. If the pup and person like to run outside, get a soft frisbee. Another fun toy for the outdoorsy pair is a ball launcher. This item provides endless fun for active pups and their patient parents. Make it a themed gift and include some sunscreen and a reusable water bottle for outdoor adventures. Remember, some dogs do not like playing fetch or catching frisbees. Don’t buy these for pups that prefer indoor life.   

Cats like games, too.

Like DIY gifts? Then make something for the cat-lover in your life. Cats enjoy playing with feathers on a string. Go to your local craft store and make a few for a friend. Or make the cat a puzzle. Better Homes & Gardens offers this simple advice, “Use an X-acto knife to cut a variety of different-size holes into the shoebox. Next, fill the shoebox with cat toys, catnip, and treats. Close the box, using a bit of tape to secure the lid.” Then give the cat the toy and watch them enjoy it! 

A little something for the readers out there. 

Get a book for your friend to read while they relax with their animal. If the animal lover in your life is young, get them a copy of Charlotte’s Web. History buffs may enjoy immersing themselves in Seabiscuit. And anyone that enjoys a good cry could dedicate some time to Marley & Me. Cat enthusiasts will probably enjoy Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World. Nine hundred ninety-seven reviewers gave the book five-stars. 

Give a gift that gives back. 

Honor your family member or friend’s love of animals with a donation in their name. Make a gift to the ASPCA. The organization will even send a physical card or email to notify the recipient of the donation. Or look for local shelters and make a donation in honor of your loved one or their pet. Donations don’t need to be money. You can give animal food or toys. Call the shelter and see what they need most. 

A fashion-forward present. 

Some dog moms like to match their pups in stylish gear. If your sister or best friend loves to play dress up, then you must buy these sweatshirts. A subtler option comes from this Etsy shop. Get matching knit scarves for the cat (or pup) and mom (or dad). Think of the pictures underneath the tree!  

A purr-fect planter.

Give another piece of stylish decor for your favorite feline enthusiast. We fell in love with this Siamese cat planter. The pot fits fantastically with a succulent. In fact, this Etsy shop has felt planters with a myriad of animals featured. No matter if your friends love penguins, foxes, llamas, or owls, this shop has an adorable gift for their home or office. Perfect for a white elephant! 

Save the last dance for me.

Have you ever heard of doggy-dance competitions? No, this is not a figment of our imagination. The dancing combines athleticism, personality, and partnership into a choreographed routine. Pups that walk well on their hind legs and mastered the art of spinning may be a good fit for dancing. 

If you have an active friend with an intelligent pup, get them dance lessons. This present may not fit every dog-lover, but we promised you a creative list. We bet your friends will have a blast if they take to the dance floor with their pup. Certainly, it will be an event to remember. 

As the old saying goes, giving is better than receiving. Have fun giving these gifts!

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