• Rated #1 Personalized Pet & Family Brand in USA
  • Rated #1 Personalized Pet & Family Brand in USA

Revision Request Policy

This outlines the policy if you request a revision request on your design.

Sizing, position or other small change

If you require a change in size of text, position or other simple change, the process for will take 1-3 business days. After that time, we will send for approval. You have unlimited revisions, and once approved, we will process your order.

Color, re-sizing or other significant change

If you require a change request that changes our actual pre-defined people or pets (I.e color change or slimming someone or enlarging someone), this change can take up to 7-10 business days. 

This change requires manual drawing by illustrators. Although we do not charge extra (we will actually lose money as we want you happy), it will take time to complete.

Because we have already began your order, we cannot issue a refund for these changes.